V1b Pocket Rock•it

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The battery-powered Pocket Rock-It V1b Bass Headphone Amp allows you to practice silently in any location, and to have great tones at your disposal. The rotating input plug has 90 degrees of motion, so the V1 from C Tech can plug into any bass guitar jack--no cable needed! 

The Pocket Rock-It Bass Headphone Amp's 2 "big" and 2 "tite" settings, with separate settings for active and passive pickup simulation give you tons of tone versatility. The Filter control is a continuously variable EQ that adjusts high and mid-range frequencies of the amp emulation model selected.

If you do decide to let the rest of the world in on your V1b headphone amp sessions, use the line out for recording or preamp applications. Jam with your CDs or MP3s with the line in or connect two Pocket Rock-Its and jam with a buddy (adapters and cables included).

•   Four (4) Amp Emulation Modes

•  Active/Passive Pickup Compensation
•  Variable EQ
•  Play Along w/MP3, CD, etc.
•  Line Out for External Speakers
•  Headphones Included