V2 Pocket Rock•it

V2 Pocket Rock•it

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The C Tech V2 Pocket Rockit Headphone Amplifier captures the tonal heritage of 50 years of guitar amp design. It combines analog and digital signal processing to reproduce classic tube amp tones. A proprietary DSP engine provides awesome digital effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, and flange, while an analog front end generates classic amp emulation tones. 

You don't even need a cable. Like all Pocket Rockit products, the V2 plugs directly into any guitar. Just plug it in, put on your headphones and you're ready to rock 'n' roll. You can even play along with your favorite CD. Best of all, the V2 sounds better than many full-blown amplifiers.

The C Tech V2's amp emulation circuitry models vintage and current classics. The Clean amp button scrolls through 3 clean or slightly over-driven tones. The Dirty amp button scrolls through 3 gnarly, positively nasty high-gain selections. Sounds reminiscent of classic Fender, Marshall, Soldano and other amps are at your fingertips.

This headphone amp has 2 independent DSP effect banks: a delay bank with straight delay, flange, and chorus: and a reverb bank that includes arena reverb, small-hall reverb, and an echo effect. Use any effect independently, or use one from each bank simultaneously.

A digital tuner features audible low-E, A, D, G, B and high-E notes. Tri-colored LED indicates flat, sharp, or in tune. It's a perfect tool for improving your ear. A built-in click track/metronome has a naturally- sampled snare drum hit - there's no annoying buzz or tone. The Pocket Rockit's metronome has adjustable tempos between 60 -180 bpm provides a great way to work on your time.

•  Six (6) Amp Emulation Modes
•  Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Flange
•  Digital Tuner
•  Click Track Metronome
•  Voice Prompts
•  Auto Shutdown Battery Management
•  Variable EQ
•  Play Along w/MP3, CD, etc.
•  Line Out for External Speakers
•  Headphones and Cables Included